Chad Awalt

Chad Awalt was introduced to art at an early age by his grandfather, and his creativity was sparked by growing up with an artistic family. He studied anatomy at the University of Colorado and has spent the last thirty years continually studying and expanding his knowledge of classical design and traditional art. His abilities range from classical woodcarving to traditional oil painting, with a specialty in rendering the human figure. Awalt’s work provides a unique perspective on the human form and nature by using materials that continually surprises and delights audiences. His sculptures alternate between full and hollow shapes that define volume with the use of positive and negative space. His painting dance with the energy of brush stroke and brilliant use of color. His work emanates a unique expression of the human form that allows the viewer to experience the beauty and energy that inhabits our lives.

For the last 20 years, Awalt has shown in galleries and exhibitions across the country. His work is found in private and corporate collections, ranging from Usher to Disney. He does numerous gallery and juried shows every year and has participated in multiple museum exhibitions and collections.

Artist Statement

“My painting follows the same energy that I feel as the sculpture by building up an image on the surface and sculpting with color and texture to bring the figure to life and capture the same life that is felt with the realism of the sculptures.When sculpting, I combine the expression of the human figure with the sensitivity and warmth of wood. I believe the fundamental essence of wood allows the human figure to be demonstrated as a perfect form of nature, so expressive in it’s subtleties and gestures. These creations present the viewer with a segment of the figure, a negative space, and a partial void that allows the unconscious to complete the form.”


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