Claudia Botwin

Claudia is a painter, collagist, sculptor, and woodworker.

An artist’s journey is an evolving one, with many steps along the way. Claudia was born in New Jersey in 1958. The daughter of an aspiring sculptor and a Juilliard trained opera singer, Claudia was raised in a home infused with art and music. After moving with her family to Florida, Claudia experimented with watercolor, oils, pastels and sculpture.

Receiving her first commissions as a teenager, her early works reflected a desire to realistically portray the natural world. A growing fascination with the complexities of the human form and man- made structures soon led to
an exploration of a more abstract expression of realism in Claudia’s painting and sculpture.

Seeking to combine her love of form and mathematics, Claudia studied architecture at the University of Florida. She found the focus of that program to be limiting, packed her easel, and moved to Atlanta in 1979. She studied and practiced pharmacy, all the while continuing to paint, sculpt, and take classes with area teachers.

Claudia continues to explore form, color, and movement. Her current work weaves meaningful connections between color, mood, structure and kinetics.


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