Mi-Lou Beugeling

When people view Mi-Lou Beugelings work, they often say: ‘Wow, looking at your art makes me happy, there is so much to see; it’s full of surprises’.

And that is exactly what she stands for; art that makes you happy and continues to intrigue. For the past few years she has been dedicating herself to creating hand-cut mixed media collages. The starting point for any of her works is always her imagination, which is expressed through a composition of cuttings from magazines, books and photographs, and further adorned with acrylic and relief paint, glitter or gold leaf. Each collage is finished with specialist varnish to preserve its appearance over time.

She loves beauty in all its forms. And loves to let these beautiful, wonderful women shine in her collages; pretty, funny or glamorous and always bursting with colour.

She also welcomes commissions, and enjoys discussing the client’s wishes, such as colour and size, and/or incorporating personal photographs or themes.

Mi-Lou Beugeling (Hilversum), was raised in Amsterdam, the Netherlands where, she and her sister were taken by her father and great-aunt to the famous Rijksmuseum to see Rembrandt and Van Gogh. Once home, she would inevitably take out her colour pencils and draw. Since then she’s fallen in love with the art of collage, and scissors are her favourite tool.

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