Marie-Anne Cassee

Oya art gallery is an initiative of artlover and collector Marie-Anne Cassee who also runs the adjacent Yoga studio. After organizing several art projects in the Netherlands, her native country, she has finally decided it was time to open her own gallery. Growing up in an artistic family, art has always been her passion. Eventually all the pieces of the puzzle fell into place, her international traveling took her to museums and galleries worldwide and reconnected her with that missing piece. Art is an addition, an enrichment to people’s lives, it can be felt physically and emotionally. Based on the philosophy of her studio she wants artists to show you that art is an investment, that art has the capacity to change our perception, to transform what we see and create a renewed vision. 

Martijn Langereis

Assisting Marie-Anne in this project is Amsterdam based Martijn Langereis who has been working with artists, galleries and museums for decades, organizing exhibitions, art projects and building collections for major Dutch companies. Working with some of the renowned art galleries in the Amsterdam ‘Spiegelkwartier’ has given him the ideal insight in the European art market.

Together they are building a platform for intriguing and surprising national and International artists in this part of the United States, but also offer local talent an opportunity to create a presence in Europe.


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