Vincent van Oss

Vincent van Oss (Sterksel) cuts out templates that evoke associations, composing them on his canvases, drawing them with pencil and painting in or around them. There is no abstraction of reality; a reality in itself is created.

The works are reminiscent of Henri Matisse’s cut-outs and Jean Arp’s shapes. But Van Oss uses a different formal language and a direct painting technique, increasingly related to Abstract Expressionism. In the formal language one sees a relationship with 1970s design. It can be traced back to nature and the term ‘organically abstract’ is applicable. Bram van Velde and Sigmar Polke come to mind as painters who inspired him. Van Oss aims at creating a clear image and allows the viewers space to consider what they see.

Vincent paints with acrylics and sometimes ink.

He often works in the same sizes for extended periods of time. Even after several years, he can go back to a specific canvas. This way, ‘Ongoing Series’ are created. Some paintings are watercolour-like, painted with minimal use of materials.

Others are considerably layered, as a consequence of his desire to keep on going. The decision if a painting is ‘finished’ and ‘good’ is sometimes not taken until years later. And maybe some series will be resumed later.

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