Our tips for gifting artwork

An ideal gift to make someone happy is art. You can give art in different forms. Think of a painting, an image, a photo, a portrait or a print. Nevertheless, there are a number of general things that need to be taken into account.

To make sure that you can give the perfect art gift, we have collected the 4 best tips you should take into account when buying art as a gift!

4 tips for choosing an artwork gift

  1. Consider the interior of the receiver
    Secretly analyze the interior of the receiver before deciding what kind of artwork to buy. What colors often come back in the interior? Do they have a quiet or a lively interior? Where could the receiver place or hang the artwork?

Also take into account possible hobbies and character traits. However, be careful not to focus too much on this. If the receiver likes dancing, it does not mean that you have to find a work of art that is related to dancing. The options will then be very limited. In any case, make sure that the feeling of the artwork matches the feeling you get with the interior.

  1. Keep it small
    For a receiver it is easier to find a suitable spot for a smaller work of art. Even if someone is short of space on the wall, there is always a place for a smaller work of art on the mantelpiece, on a shelf or on a bedside table.

This way you also make sure that the recipient does not feel overwhelmed by the large gift!

  1. Buy the gift for the recipient, not for yourself
    It is important not to think too much about what you think of the artwork as the receiver may have a completely different taste. Don’t ask too much for the opinion of others. Everyone has a different taste and you have the chance that you suddenly have a lot of different opinions with which you don’t get along. Immerse yourself in the receiver and think carefully about what suits this person best.
  2. Take the opportunity into account
    Is it a gift for a birthday, a wedding or any other special occasion? Adjust the artwork accordingly. However, do not focus too much on this occasion as the options will be limited.

For example, for a wedding the artwork does not have to be related to love. You can also think of a beautiful landscape that represents the beautiful future of the couple. Or does the couple have beautiful memories of a location, song or object that you can use in your choice?

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