How to find suitable paintings for your home

Finding a suitable painting for your home is usually not an easy task, because the supply is overwhelming. How do you make the choice for a certain painting and what do you base it on? You can read it all in this blog article. Finding a suitable painting is often a piece of cake for […]

Figurative art vs abstract art: the differences

Some people pour in art from an early age, while others only discover art later in life. Anyway, art is there for everyone. Even people who think they have little interest in art can suddenly be touched by a beautiful work of art. In this blog we tell you more about figurative and abstract art. […]

Our tips for gifting artwork

An ideal gift to make someone happy is art. You can give art in different forms. Think of a painting, an image, a photo, a portrait or a print. Nevertheless, there are a number of general things that need to be taken into account. To make sure that you can give the perfect art gift, […]

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